"CANIS MAIOR"- Home hotel for small dogs in Rusiec near Warsaw

The hotel is open all year round. Your pets stay at home under our constant and caring care on equal terms with our household members. We provide fun, walks, rest in the garden, meals according to arrangements with the owner (we also cook), and above all, professional care and excellent company. We offer day care "petsitter", round-the-clock care - for the duration of weekend trips, holidays, as well as for a longer period - over one month, as well as transport - bringing the pet to the owner's home.We cordially invite you to a home hotel for dogs, which is located near Warsaw, in a quiet area.

"A home hotel for small dogs, run for many years, was opened out of passion and love for animals. It is run by a long-term breeder of dachshunds, as well as a trainer dealing with positive training of dogs. The hotel is dedicated to small dogs, and above all to dachshunds. The decision to dedicate the hotel especially one dog breed and size results from caring for the well-being of our own animals, which definitely feel best with small dogs or simply with dachshunds :-)

"Hotel price list:

Dachshund - PLN 60/day
Small dog up to 10 kg - PLN 70/day
We do not accept aggressive dogs.
The hotel day starts at the time of arrival of the dog and ends the next day at the same time.
Extending the hotel day up to 8h = 50% of the daily rate, over 8h = 100% of the daily rate.
The holiday rate during Christmas and Easter is 30% higher than the basic rate.

When it comes to the range of care and haircuts, I cordially invite you to my salon.
I specialize in particular: 1. Hair care for long-haired dachshunds; hair care after sterilization and castration;
2. Trimming;
3. Dental care;
4. Teeth cleaning Cleany Teeth Ultrasonic toothbrush and Emmi Pet- ultrasonic toothbrush.
4. Bathing and drying.

Price-list of services:

1. Grooming and bathing small dogs - from PLN 100, medium dogs - from PLN 130, large dogs - from PLN 160
2. Trimming small dogs - from PLN 150, medium dogs - from PLN 180, large dogs - from PLN 230
3. Teeth cleaning 30 minutes of work - PLN 50
4. Bathing and drying small dogs - from PLN 50, medium dogs - from PLN 70, large dogs - from PLN 90
5. Nail trimming and paw care - from PLN 15
6. Hair care/detangling - PLN 100/h
I would like to invite you kindly to use our services.

"Województwo: Mazowieckie
Location: Rusiec near Nadarzyn
Contact: e-mail: canismaior.groomer@gmail.com phone: +48668310543
Website: www.hokuspokus.net.pl/hotel