22.12.2011 r. Happy New Year! May this New Year 2012 bring all good luck, health, wonderful experience and a lot of unfulfilled dreams. We wish you all the best of everything. See you in New Year

04.12.2011 r. Big thanks to Florence Hahn for new pictures of BELATRIX Hokus Pokus z Perlowej aged 6 months :-)

23.11.2011 r. Today very long awaited litter came into the world. It is long haired kanninchen/ miniature dachshund litter. One male puppy was born. The litter is from the following combination: Sire - INT CIB, INT CIE, - European Winner-2009, Junior European Winner-2008, Nordic Winner-2009, BALT JCH, HUN JCH, HUN CLUB JCH, FIN JW-08, RUS JCH, EST JCH, LV JCH, LT JCH, WUT JCH, RUS CH, SWE CH, FIN CH, EST CH, LV CH, LT CH, BALT CH, IRL CH, WUT CH, RKF CH, EURASIA CH, RUS CLUB CH x 7, BEST DACHSHUND 2009 IN RUSSIA Zhemcuzhina Peterburga Cherny Bumer and the Dame:- INT CIE, PL CH, HUN CH, HR CH, LT CH, RUS CH, Lithuanian Winner 2011 SZNURECZEK Brzdac
Once more big thanks to ELENA FOMICHEVA for having this opportunity to mate Bumer.

19.11.2011 r. Club Dachshund Show- Kielce. The judge Mrs Lenka Fairaislova from Czech Republic. BASIM Lizus Maksimus received the title Junior Winner, Club Junior Winner, The Best Junior of Breed and BOB (Best of Breed).In the final competitions which were judged by Mrs Grazyna Olender BASIM was placed on the 3rd place in Best Junior competition. SILJE Hokus Pokus z Perlowej received excellent in intermediate class, I place and CAC and she opened her Polish Championship.

30.10.2011 r. Standard Dachshund longhaired litter "I" of puppies in Dagi Dog Kennel is 6 weeks old now.
Parents of the litter is excellent couple- mother CARMEN Slodki Urwis is Polish Champion, Russian Champion, and also Junior Polish Champion and Junior vice World Winner 2006, father, stud dog from Germany- Leopold von Charlottenhof is The World WUT Winner 2011 & BIS, European Winner- VDH 2011, Club Winner DTK 2011 & BIS, Champion of Champions DTK 2011 & BIS. More pictures and informations about this litter can be found at Dagi Dog Kennel, Dagmara Oraczewska.

22.-23.10.2011 r. International Dog Show- Poznan. First day we were judged by Mrs Ina Malecka; Pramada's Sassafras- Sassy received CAC, CACIB and BOB (Best of Breed).
Second day we were judged by Mrs Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska and at this time Sassy in junior class received the Junior Winner title and also Poland Junior Winner Poznan 2011 title and The Best Junior, while EXCELLMAGIC L'BRELLIANCEBLACK- Happy in open class received CAC, and after that in comparison-B CACIB, CRUFTS 2012 nomination and the title Poland Winner Poznan 2011.

02.10.2011 r. The National Show- Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki.
 The judge- Mr Miroslaw Olejnik.
It was a debut of BASIM Lizus Maksimus with great success- on the junior class he obtained the title Junior Winner and Best Junior, and then the title of Best of Breed-BOB.
Our SILJE Hokus Pokus z Perlowej gained excellent grade, second place.
However it was also the debut of our American girl Pramada's Sassafras, who in the champion class got an excellent and CAC. For the beautiful pictures we want to thank the breeder and coowner of Basim- Ela Boguslawska, and also Kasia Nowicka, who with great commitment, leads the Jamnicze Forum.

19.09.2011 r. With the help and courtesy of ELENA FOMICHEVA we have a chance and opportunity to mate our small Wilma- SZNURECZEK Brzdac the most beautiful and titled black and tan male from Russia Zhemcuzhina Peterburga Cherny Bumer. Lena thank You very much for your help and for the nice time spent ;-).

04.09.2011 r. All puppies from B LITTER have their new homes. They all have fantastic and loving owners, who we would like to wish lots of joy and happiness with their growing dogs, and also a lot of success at shows. Thank you for those photos which we received from you and absolutely wonderful films that we receive from the owner of Belatrix- Florence Hahn from DU REVE SIX COEURS kennel. Thank you very much Florence. One of those films you can see below. BELATRIX at her new home.

26.08.2011 r. Thanks to my friends: Ela Boguslawska and Dagmara Oraczewska I have beautiful pictures from Warsaw Old Town of BASIM Lizus Maksimus (Basimka) and also Pramada's Sassafras (Sassy)

08.08.2011 r. AKSEL Hokus Pokus z Perlowej and HISTORIA z Konskiego Rajukids are 4 weeks old now.They are growing healthy and fast:-)

25.07.2011 r. Pupps from the combination of AKSEL Hokus Pokus z Perlowej and HISTORIA z Konskiego Raju are two weeks old now.

11.07.2011 r. Today in Dagi Dog kennel miniature long-haired dachshund puppies were born:) Historia z Konskiego Raju gave birth 5 puppies: 1 red male, 1 black and tan male, 2 red females and 1 black and tan female. The proud father became our Aksel Hokus Pokus z Perlowej.Everybody are welcome.

09.07.2011 r. he World Dog Show in Paris. The judge Mr Per Iversen. We are very proud of the success of the show. Our Happy- Excellmagic L'Brellianceblack in intermediate class received excellent and 3rd place; Bob- INSIGHT'S RUMORHASIT AT PRAMADA in champions class received excellent, 2nd place and ResCACIB and also became Vice-winner of the World, our new pride- Sassy- Pramada's Sassafras in junior class was the first and received the title Junior Winner and became Junior Winner of the World.

We would like to thank the owner of Bob- Maggie Peat from Pramada's Kennels for the opportunity to host in Poland so beautiful and wonderful dog, which is Bob. Bob will remain in our hearts, we will miss his joy of intercourse with a man and his cheerful and friendly temperament. At this point we would like to thank Maggie Peat and also introduce a new member of our canine family-American Champion- Pramada's Sassafras at home called Sassy, who will live with my friend Dagmar Oraczewska from Dagi Dog kennel- the co-owner of Sassy. Maggie a very big thanks for all your work on Sassy, her professional preparation for showing, as well as for giving us a trust with Bob. Once again, thank you very much.

12.06.2011 r. Our rabbit dachshund AKSEL Hokus Pokus z Perlowej will become a father. In early July the rabbit/miniature Dachshund longhaired litter is expected in Dagi Dog kennel. The parents of the litter You can see in  PLANNED LITTERS.

04.06.2011 r. The international show PRESTIGE- Leszno. The judge Mrs Ludmila Nikitina from Russia. Our guest from USA INSIGHT'S RUMORHASIT AT PRAMADA in champions class received excellent, CAC, CACIB, BOB, and also BOG IV, our EXCELLMAGIC L'BRELLIANCEBLACK received in intermediate class excellent, CAC, CACIB, and also the Title Winner. Great thanks to Agnieszka Malecka for her help in showing Bob. 

29.05.2011 r. The national show- Plock. The judge Mrs Joanna Adamowska.INSIGHT'S RUMORHASIT AT PRAMADA in champions class received excellent, CAC, BOB, and also BOG I (Best of Group 1st place!!!), our EXCELLMAGIC L'BRELLIANCEBLACK received in intermediate class excellent, CAC, and also the Title Winner, she finished her POLISH CHAMPIONSHIP. SILJE Hokus Pokus z Perlowej in junior class received excellent, the title Junior Winner and the Best Junior, and also BOB.

22.05.2011 r. We have new pictures of our puppies available in GALLERY OF THE LITTER. Our puppies are 2 weeks old and they've just opened their eyes. You can see some new pictures of them soon.

14.05.2011 r. The national show in Kaliningrad- Russia. The judge Mrs Larisa Ivanova from Russia. In Kaliningrad our guest from USA INSIGHT'S RUMORHASIT AT PRAMADA in champions class received excellent, CAC and became THE RUSSIAN CHAMPION, and our SZNURECZEK Brzdac received in working class also excellent, CAC and as well as Bob she became THE RUSSIAN CHAMPION.

While waiting for the show we could enjoy the greenery of nearby park, where dogs could rest and relax a little bit.
We would like to thank to Vladimir Majakin for his help and involvement.

06.05.2011 r. Today in our kennel puppies were born-two females and one male from EMPATIA Dagi Dog and Bo of Ivy's Hill, who is owned by Dagmara Oraczewska from Dagi Dog kennel.

01.05.2011 r. The international show- Opole.
 The judge Mr Janusz Opara.
 Our guest from California INSIGHT'S RUMORHASIT AT PRAMADA in champions class received excellent, CAC and CACIB.

24.04.2011 r. HAPPY EASTER We would like to wish all of You Happy Easter. 

17.04.2011 r. The national show- Lublin. The judge Mr Miroslaw Olejnik. 
In Lublin INSIGHT'S RUMORHASIT AT PRAMADA in champion class received excellent, CAC and the title Best of Breed, and on the final competitions he was BOG-3 (Best of Group 3rd place), and our SILJE Hokus Pokus z Perlowej received in junior class excellent, Junior Winner, and also the title Best of Breed. .

10.04.2011 r. The National show- Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki. 
The judge Mr Andrzej Mania. In Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki it was the first show in Poland of our guest from United States- INSIGHT'S RUMORHASIT AT PRAMADA, who is owned by Maggie Peat PRAMADA KENNELS. In champion class he received excellent, CAC, and the title Best of Breed, and on the final competitions he wasBOG-4 (Best of Group 4th place). Our EXCELLMAGIC L'BRELLIANCEBLACK- Happy received excellent in open class.

06.04.2011 r. There are new pictures available of our hotel's guests in HOTEL'S GALLERY     

01.04.2011 r. Today, EMPATIA's Dagi Dog pregnancy was confirmed. At the begining of May we expect the litter of standard long-haired Dachshunds from the following combination: Polish and Lithuanian Champion Bo of Ivy's Hill X Polish Champion, Junior Polish Champion EMPATIA Dagi Dog         

19-20.03.2011 r. International Dog Show in Vilnius- Lithuania. 
At the first day we were judged by Mr Laurent Heinesche from Luxemburg.SZNURECZEK Brzdac- Wilma, received in working class excellent, CAC, CACIB, and what is the most important LITHUANIAN WINNER 2011title, and also she became LITHUANIAN CHAMPION, OUR EXCELLMAGIC L'BRELLIANCEBLACK- Happy received in intermediate class excellent, CAC i CACIB, and also LITHUANIAN WINNER 2011 title, she's opened her LITHUANIAN CHAMPIONSHIP. Second day we were judged by Mrs Juta Haranen from Estonia andEXCELLMAGIC L'BRELLIANCEBLACK- Happy received excellent, second place.

     fot. Oxana Spitsa- Sensatsia Pitera Kennel

16.03.2011 r. With pride and joy we would like to announce that our kennel has a new member- the small body, but the great spirit of the long-haired rabbit Dachshund BASIM Lizus Maksimus. The nearly four-month old boy was born in my best friend Ela Boguslawska- Przybysz kennel Lizus Maksimus . His parents are Double Interchampion, Multichampion and the World Winner Dingo z Debry and Interchampion (C.I.E), the World Winner 2009, Polish Junior Champion, Polish and Lithuanian Champion Aluzja Ani Mru Mru. BASIM is co-owned by Ela and I. He has two loving homes:-).

Basimek spent the past week at our house and had a strong chance to make friends with the whole our pack. Most of the time he was playing with Silje, with whom they could romp all day. However, our melancholy Patunia introduced him in a similar mood, which meant that we were able to make them a few pictures.

13.03.2011 r. Our kennel is proud to welcome the beautiful and wonderful sire standard Dachshund long-haird Ch.USA Insight's Rumorhasit At Pramada L- BOB. This possibility we have because of the courtesy of his owner- Maggie Peat from PRAMADA KENNELS from California- USA. After one- year stay in Great Britain where Bob began his championship, he came to Poland to start his showing turne. Together with my friend Dagmara Oraczewska from Dagi Dog Kennel, with whom we organized Bob's arrival to Poland we are very greatful to Maggie that she has given us confidence and the opportunity to show Bob in Poland. We hope that he will raise not only our hearts, because of his beauty, his wonderful character and his happy personality. Very much thank You Maggie.

06.03.2011 r. With great joy we would like to informe that KRESKA found very loving home. Her new owners are very, very fantastic, patient and forgiving. They give her as much love as she needs at this moment. We are very happy that she found her family, her new home and we wish her new owners lots of happiness in sharing with Kreska thair life.:-). At this moment we have new dog for adoption with us, his name is WILKUS, he needs his new, loving home. More information You can read in Dog's adoptions.

19.02.2011 r. The international dog show- Rzeszow. The judge Marija Kavciæ from Slovenia. We takeSILJE Hokus Pokus z Perlowej, who in junior class received excellent, Junior Winner and the title The Best Junior, our EXCELLMAGIC L'BRELLIANCEBLACK- Happy received in open class excellent, CAC and resCACIB.

14.02.2011 r. The winter holiday starts and we have small guests in our Hotel for Dogs. The weather is great and everyone is happy. The sun is shining and enhancing the desire to have fun. "How nice is to rest with other dog- friends..."

01.01.2011 r. I wish everyone Happy New Year let this new one be better then the previous one and all dreams come true.